At Cobalt Towers we’ve integrated our mobile phones with our telephone system for several years now. Years ago we pioneered ways of allowing you to make cheap calls to mobiles by installing mobile SIM cards into our telephone systems. Today our Cloud System integrates with a Mobile Phone app.

Our ‘Communicator’ app allows you to take your office extension with you. When the office want to call you they simply call your extension number and the app launches and delivers the call to your mobile. Once you have the call the app will still allow you to put callers on hold and transfer them back into the telephone system. We can even show you who is on the phone in the office, just as if you were using a desk phone!

One of the most popular features of our app is that calls to your clients from your mobile come from your office landline, as the app is configured to give out your office telephone number. As the call still moves through the system we can even record calls made and received on the mobile which means that regulated calls are still stored in and encrypted MFID II compliant format.

The Smart phone is as quick as a computer, so let’s make better use of it.

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