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    Track your fleet in real time, all the time with our vehicle tracking

Online vehicle tracking for business

Time is a rather interesting subject. In the West, we generally think of it as finite, with a beginning and end. In the East, it’s more of a cyclical concept ever moving. Regardless of how you see time, by using our GPS vehicle tracking system, you can track your fleet vehicles in real-time, and at any time to suit you! Keep track of your vehicles from your home, holiday or wherever else you may be, easily from your mobile device.


Real-time online vehicle tracking

There is no need for control stations, proprietary software or maps, as everything is accessed over the internet. Our system uses GPS satellites to locate your vehicles, and GPRS technology to ensure that their positions and vehicle log data are constantly updated. Vehicle logs and timesheets are also sent to you by e-mail each morning for maximum convenience.


Reduce overtime and increase capacity

Savings on overtime payments can easily reach thousands of pounds a year – providing a return on investment from the outset. However, the real boost to the bottom line comes from increased capacity: most of our customers can get more done each day by using the information that the tracking system provides. This can help avoid costly weekend working or even enable you to expand the business without increasing fixed costs and your workforce.


Track your peace of mind

We hope you never have to but, by utilising us to install GPS tracking, you can monitor your fleet in real time to manage unauthorised use, dangerous driving and ensure your procedures are adhered to. Additionally, should the worst case happen and a vehicle gets stolen, you can monitor it around the clock and take swift action. Finally, you can guarantee there will be no unauthorised use and, with driver ID technology, ensure you’ve got only the right people for the job.

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