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    System pricing & add-ons

Our Hosted Telephone Systems

Buy outright or rent your system; the choice is yours.

Our most popular option is to spread the cost of the system and new telephones over a three year period. The system starts from just £9.50 per user, per month and this includes installation, user training and your desk phone!

Once the equipment is paid off the ongoing system rental is just £4 per user, per month.

Why not pair your Cobalt Cloud telephone system with one of our Connect Broadband products to provide you with the best quality and most reliable overall solution.

Options per user

Add the features you need and only for the people who need it.

We don’t tie you into a long contract to try out our extra advanced features. All add-ons are added per user on a 30-day rolling contract. This means that you can provide the features that you want to the people who need it. If things change in the future you can add more features or remove those you aren’t using anymore. We know our phone system is great so we want your experience of it to be as rich as possible without tying you in knots.

Desktop Communicator

Desktop Communicator is a desktop application that helps integrate your telephones with the rest of your business. Communicator users can access their contacts more easily, identifying the context of incoming calls more effectively. It includes softphone and instant messaging, giving you the ability to see who else in the business is on the phone.

CRM+ integration with your client databases for call pop-up

The average workday is full of managing customer calls and records using various sales and support programs. By integrating Cobalt Cloud with your CRM system or browser, you can not only improve the speed and accuracy of work but also dynamically pull up customer records and information at a time when you need them most.

For just £3.50 per user, per month our system will fully integrate with dozens of popular CRM systems, and provide full functionality while still including all of the features of the PC integration licence.

Android & iOS mobile app – take your extension with you!

For only £2.50 per user, per month our mobile app allows users to use their smartphone as an extension of the phone system. It is available on all iOS and Android smart phone devices.

Call Recorder/Logger

For only £1.00 per user per month (site-wide), not only can the system provide you with information to see who has called in and out, we can also record your calls for you. We don’t charge you for storage, so our flat fee allows you peace of mind to know that you’ve got it covered

Inclusive Call Bundle

Control your costs with our inclusive call bundle. For just £5.00 per user, per month we will provide you with 2,000 minutes of your Local, National and UK Mobile calls per user. That’s over 33 hours a month per person!

Cobalt Gold Bundle

For only £8.50 per user, per month we will provide our mobile app, desktop communicator, call logging, call recording and our inclusive call bundles. This saves £2.50 in comparison to buying the individual licenses