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    Our on-site server solutions

Microsoft Small Business Server is now discontinued, so what's next?

Our reputation for excellence means that we are an approved Microsoft Partner and part of the Microsoft Research Panel. This gives us direct links to the manufacturer, enabling us to receive regular updates on server development and feedback with an informed view of how systems could be adapted to maximise benefits to businesses.

The Microsoft 2003/2008 and 2011 Small Business Server used to act as the epicentre of our bespoke business computer solutions.

Microsoft’s decision to remove SBS from their server range was to force the slow adoption of their Cloud Based Office 365. They have achieved this and Office 365 is now the fastest growing product in the history of Microsoft. We do have access to Foundation Server 2012, which is a very good value product if you have to have an “on-premise” server for running an application for your business. This can be coupled with Office 365 or we can build you your own Exchange Mail Server.


Exchange Server

Exchange server is still the leading email server in the world. Your own Exchange Server means that the users can always access essential communications. Email and calendars become shared, enabling true collaboration amongst users. Having your own server gives you the peace of mind and security knowing that you control and store all of your data on your own equipment.  The future for your own Exchange Server is looking bleak, and maintaining them is a dying skill, we, however, know them well and are still actively selling and supporting them.


Microsoft SQL Server

If you are looking at a “line of business” piece of software or solution,  i.e. for us it’s our Helpdesk Suite, you will often see that the company providing it require a SQL Server.  Because software companies are usually national or international, they do not have the skills or resources to supply the hardware. SQL servers are a very large part of our work, and we remove the pain from you by liaising directly with your software supplier to make sure that the correct kit and solution is delivered. We have SQL Servers all across the UK and a few in Europe as the epicentre of our customer’s networks. Running software for Manufacturing to Recycling, with as few as 5 user’s up to 100, we know how to configure fast, reliable SQL Servers for any application.


Terminal Server / Remote Desktop Server

You need never be away from the office with a Terminal Server installed. With even the smallest businesses now operating within global marketplaces, a terminal server puts your information and business programs where you need them and when you need them. Whether you are sat in front of a desktop in Newquay or Beijing, this networking function means employees can log into their workplace and access everything on it; to include files, programmes, documents, emails and calendars.

Use Remote Desktop to connect offices or allow staff to hot-desk. The Remote Desktop Server is the ultimate way to enable staff to work from home and still manage their productivity.   Often coupled with a SQL Server or Exchange Server we can put the whole solution together.

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