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  • Modern businesses are heavily reliant on technology

    Avoid problems before they happen with cobalt’s proactive tech support.

Technology isn’t perfect, interruptions to business applications, communications and connectivity are costly. They impact your staff, your customers and your bottom line.

IT and communications support are traditionally offered on a break, fix model. This is great for solving immediate problems but fails to prevent further issues or improve your system’s resilience.

Our proactive tech support monitors and maintains laptops, PC’s servers and cloud systems, helping you to avoid problems before they happen.

Traditional reactive IT support :

  • Can leave undetected vulnerabilities exposed to cyber-attack.
  • Allows preventable failures to impact customer experience and trust.
  • Increases pressure and stress on your organisation while waiting for a fix.
  • Assumes system failure is inevitable, rather than potentially avoidable.
  • Discourages the creation of robust disaster recovery plans or blankets.

Get Proactive!

Our fully managed proactive support package bundles the cost into a simple monthly charge per-user.

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£29per user per month
Proactive Tech Support Includes:
  • 24/7 Monitoring of PC’s & laptops
  • Premium response times and escalations
  • Security updates
  • Hard drive encryption
  • Anti virus and Anti spam
  • GDPR advice and Toolbox
  • Office 365 Premium, including :
  • Data Loss Prevention Policy
  • Records Management
  • Information Governance
  • User Permissions
  • Alerts
  • Threat Management
  • Data Privacy
  • Classification Labels
  • Mail flow
  • Reporting
Get Proactive for just £29 per user per month

Service Level Agreement

Our service level agreement details our response time and explains how we escalate faults and manage expectations.

With the monitoring, education and zero-hour updates, we find that our customers have much better reliability and stability.

Our proactive tech support uses a mix of Datto monitoring, for all hardware and on-premise assets, and Office 365 compliance that deals with the cloud.

This hybrid approach means that we don’t mind where or how the information is kept. We can work with traditional solutions right through to cutting edge technology; without any compromise.

A little extra

As well as ongoing maintenance, all proactive tech support customers become part of ‘the day after tomorrow’ initiative.

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Is it time for your business to get Proactive?
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