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    Good quality high-speed business broadband with a service level agreement

Cobalt Connect Bundles

Our capped bundles are not managed which means they don’t slow down during busy times of the day. We offer three different bundles for this:

Connect Home Office

Home Office packages are for customers expecting to use no more than 10GB per month. Usage over this amount will be billed.

Connect Advance

Advance packages cater for the majority of broadband usage requirements. Standard packages are for customers expecting to use no more than 100GB per month. Usage over this amount will be billed.

Connect Elite

The Elite package delivers completely unlimited download capability. We guarantee that we won’t restrict your use with sneaky tactics – you can genuinely use as much as you like, all of the time.

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What is Cobalt Connect?

Cobalt Connect and cloud technology. With good quality broadband, you will find using the internet becomes a much more enjoyable experience. You will not bang your head against a wall whilst you wait for a page to download, and as a result, the internet becomes a much more useful part of your working day. Quality broadband gives you quick access to information that would normally require hours of searching in libraries or time wasted on the telephone.

There are two ways that all Internet Service Providers control your internet access: Many provide a “managed” connection which is provided to you as an unlimited download. Whilst on paper this may appear the best, the provider manages your usage by slowing down your connection speed during busy periods (normally in the morning and late afternoon).
The alternative is to have an “un-managed” connection. This is not slowed down during busy times but in return, a cap is put on your connection. The cap limits the overall quantity of data that you can download before your connection is slowed down.

We have never slowed our connections!
We invite you to pick a cost-effective usage package. Just like a pay-as-you-go mobile – you pay for a certain amount of usage and your speed remains the same.

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Pricing Plans

Home Office
  • (50 GB Download Limit)
Connect Advance
  • (100 GB Download Limit)
Connect Elite
  • (Truly Unlimited Download)