Technology is great!

Five years ago all we sold were Telephone systems that sit on the wall in the corner of your office and click occiasionally.  You would plug some Phone lines in one side and then plug some Telephones in the other side and you were good to go, the box would sit in the corner gathering dust. A few years down the line you would want to add a new feature or plug in some more phones only to be told “Your box does not do that, now you need to buy this one!” and so it goes on….

We at Cobalt are now pleased to say that we are selling our customers the last Telephone system they will ever buy. It doesnt sit in the corner gathering dust, it doesnt use up your Electricity, it always has the latest features and there is no limit to the number of phones you can plug in to it.

Our Cobalt Cloud system is allowing our customers to buy a new phone to sit on thier desk that connects to our central Telephone system.  It does everything that a normal phone system will do and has all the latest gadgets including integrating with your Computers and your Mobile Phone. Best of all there is no monthly rental as is the case with most Voice over Internet Telephone systems. You just buy the phone, plug it in and it works.

When you need to add more phones you just buy the phone and we add it to the system. When they invent a new whizzy feature next year then we just add it to our system which then gives it to you.

This sounds too good to be true doesnt it. Give us a call or send us an email and we would love to tell you why your should never buy a phone system again.

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