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How important is your Domain to your business?

We’re not all reliant on making sales online, but most of us are getting enquiries from our website. Your Domain Name System (or DNS for the lovers of acronyms) is the calling card of your business. It makes sense to entrust your domain to a company you know. You can partner with a random web designer or obscure provider at a rock-bottom price but, as the saying goes, “the bitterness of poor quality lasts long after the happiness of a cheap price is forgotten.”


How much management does a domain take?

Your domain may seem like a very simple thing, and to be perfectly frank it is but, as will all things online, it does need to be managed and maintained. Annual renewals, dropouts and plagiarism will not be a concern if we are at the helm.  


Moving your domain to a secure company is fundamental to secure your online presence, better still if it’s a company local to you in Devon (and dare we say it, better still if they are called Cobalt!). We will safeguard your website address, email and everything you advertise them on.


We offer domain management as part of our service, and with that, the peace of mind that it will be maintained and fully accessible should you need to make any changes. Don’t forget that we also have a base of operations, so you have a physical entity to engage with should you have any queries or concerns.

If you don't know where your domain is
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