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    Get the most from the internet with our fastest business broadband leased line option, Direct Connect

The Direct Connect solution includes access to three different products dependant on your needs. These include:

EoFTTC (Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet)

This provides a leased line style service with the only connection going into your business being a fibre to the cabinet style connection. It provides two-way speeds of up to 20Mbps with a burstable speed of up to 80Mbps and is delivered with a service level agreement which is not possible to deliver on a standard fibre to the cabinet connection.

EFM (Ethernet First Mile)

Is a low cost leased line and provides a two-way speed of up to 20Mbps. Essentially BT bring a leased line to the green cabinet at the end of the road and then connect it to your business via existing copper cable. It’s a lot quicker and cheaper to install than a leased line and does not involve any excess construction charges whilst still delivering the same service level and experience of a leased line.

Ethernet Leased Line

This offers the fastest business broadband possible, connection to the internet with deliverable two way speeds of up to 1GB. A fibre optic cable is installed directly into your business. You only pay for what you need though, so if you have a 50MB leased line which you then need to increase to 100MB this can normally be accommodated within a few days.

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Your Direct Connect solution will deliver:

A 100% Service Level Agreement

This means our services are available 100% of the year. We use every reasonable measure to provide our service 24 hours a day, throughout the year. Failure to meet this obligation will entitle you to compensation. 

Industry Leading Fix Times

Your Direct Connect Fibre fix time 4 Hours for Ethernet, 7 hours for EFM or 8 hours for EoFTTC for service affecting faults. In the event that we fail to meet this obligation, you will be entitled to compensation.

Synchronous Upload and Download Speeds

Your upload performance will match your download capability, enabling you to support your business critical applications and share files faster. Identical speeds also set up your business to embrace hosted applications and cloud computing. 

The flexibility to Increase Bandwidth at Any Time

We recommend you future proof your business by getting a larger bearer (pipe) to accommodate higher bandwidth as your business grows. Once your connection is up and running, you may find that your requirements change. If this happens, you’ll be able to request an increase to your bandwidth by simply calling us.

An ADSL Backup

In the unlikely event of a line failure, we’ll automatically redirect your traffic so your business is always connected. 

Managed Cisco Routers

High performance, highly secure and highly reliable. Ideal for fast and consistent access to applications and services.

Bandwidth Guarantee

Premium bandwidth guarantee gives you 100% of the bandwidth, 100% of the time, as standard. Standard bandwidth is still guaranteed 100% of the time but we’ll automatically reward you with additional capacity on the network when it’s available.