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    Remote and on-site data solutions

Cloud backup for business

Old style data backup is no longer acceptable. You do get your data back, but the downtime of having no servers or ways to access them is a thing of the past. We have products and services that can keep a nearly live copy of your server running at all times, giving you the confidence that your critical systems will always be available. This used to be very expensive and complicated, but it’s been made very affordable and simple with Microsoft Hyper V, Altaro Backup and Storagecraft.


Remote Backup

The world of computer systems technology and networking often moves at a dizzying pace. Our managed services are not only designed to keep small businesses right up to date with new developments but also offer complete insurance against potentially disastrous events that can cause clients’ sleepless nights, most notably, the loss of crucial data due to corruption, failure of the hard drive or worse.

Our Remote Backup service allows for the transfer and copying of all data to an off-site data store.

The key to a good backup is having the very latest data available and not needing someone to push a tape in a drive, and risk them forgetting to take it home with them. Memory sticks are common, but with no security and very easy to lose or have stolen, they are not a great option.

The Remote Backup software can be installed on any server, and backups scheduled as frequently as required.

The backup can be fully tailored to incorporate your server and central file store, or your entire network of local data held on the PC’s.

Having a good backup recovery system is vital, and we not only provide the software but can also review and provide you with a complete Disaster Recovery Plan.


Data Recovery

Unfortunately, hard drives do fail and sometimes backups have been ignored or failed.

We have years of experience of recovering damaged or broken drives in and around Exeter and Devon. Many data recovery jobs can be carried out in-house for simple corruptions or accidentally deleted data.

If the drive is damaged mechanically or very badly corrupted, the drive can be sent off to boffins in a laboratory who take the drives to pieces in a sealed, contamination-free room and take the data off the drive. It is an expensive service, but excellent results are normally achieved that have saved clients from real difficulties and ultimately, from losing business.

If you need to secure or restore your data
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