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Cloud Computing

“What is the cloud, where is the cloud and are we in the cloud now?”
These are all questions you’ve probably heard or even asked yourself.

The term “cloud computing” is everywhere and masked with confusion. We have offered “cloud” solutions from our exeter office for years. In the simplest terms it means that you use a company’s computer power or software via your internet connection.

Imagine a world where you can take your business everywhere you go.

Traditional Computing

The cloud doesn’t negate our need for computer hardware and reliable networks and that’s how our business started. We supply and maintain all aspects of a traditional IT infrastructure and often, now combine this with cloud software and data backups.

From PC installation and maintenance to anti-virus protection and Cat5 cabling, we can handle every aspect of your IT requirements.

So, whether you want to keep you IT on-site, or just keep your site up and running, we can help.

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We supply, install and support business IT networks throughout the UK

These are just some of the services that we offer :