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    Cobalt Cloud is the perfect solution for small businesses through to large, multi-site corporations


    Affordable, flexible and extremely professional

The Benefits

From your VOIP phone to your cloud telephone and broadband services, Cobalt Cloud can cover all your business needs with a wealth of benefits that come as part of our package bespoke to you

No Line Rental

Plus greatly reduced call costs will ensure an immediate saving over your current system

No Monthly License Cost

Our bundled price includes everything you need; there are no nasty surprises

Voice-Optimised Broadband

Guaranteed to support your phone calls

Keep your Existing Telephone Number

This can be transferred to the system so there is no need for a number change which could confuse your customers

Any UK Area Code

Users can have a telephone number from any location in the UK

You Can Never Outgrow It

Users can be added instantly, as and when you need them

It is Fully-Scalable

Cobalt Cloud can meet the demand for any size organisation as long as internet access is available

Improved Call Management

Automatic redirection to any chosen number should your phones become unavailable

Moving Premises?

Simply take the phones with you. No expensive set up costs and no physical telephone systems

Future-Proof System

You will not have to replace the system in a few years to get the latest features; you will automatically receive the latest upgrades

Built-in Fraud Protection

Spend limits and notifications can be set to instantly highlight abuse

Disaster Recovery

In the event of hardware failure, back-up servers take over in seconds

Full Local Support

We’ll be on hand in the event of a problem, or just when you need a little advice

Software Integration

Cobalt Cloud will work in conjunction with Salesforce, Zoho CRM, Microsoft Outlook plus many more

Improve Your Business

Save Money on Line Rental

Allowing you to reinvest in other areas of the business

Improve Flexibility

Easily deploy homeworkers

Great for Linking Small Offices Together

Get the best from disparate staff

Simple Administration

Our Web Portal makes it easy to manage

Connect Anyone to Your Business

Regardless of their location

New Users Can be Added Within 48 Hours

It’s never been as quick and easy to expand


Identify where you can improve customer response times

Easy Call Recording

Record, store and manage interactions with your customers