Awards are two a penny these days but one look at the finalists confirms that the CNA awards truly are the cream of the comms industry. It’s not driven by ad revenue or an ‘old network’, these awards recognise the best … Read More

We’re still at the top of our game!

At Cobalt, we are excited to have been selected as finalists at the National Comms Awards in London in October.  After winning the prestigious ‘Innovation Award’ last year we didn’t dare to dream that we could be selected as finalists … Read More

We’ve won a national award for innovation!

The comms industry was tested like never before as the pandemic hit the nation. Demand for our services went through the roof as people moved to remote working and, for many businesses, that wasn’t the only challenge. Companies, particularly with … Read More

We are Corona ready, are you?

With government figures forecasting that at its peak Corona Virus could affect up to a fifth of the workforce, we need to create a contingency plan that will allow our staff to work from home and keep our business up … Read More

Let’s dispel the myths around the ISDN / PSTN phase out!

Hard selling in the telecoms industry is rampant at the moment and a lot of this appears to be being driven by BT and BT Local Business themselves. Several of my customers have received communications from BT telling them that … Read More

Snow Day Plans

How did your Snow Day plans work last year?  Disaster recovery is something every business owner knows they should take seriously but when the time comes to put your plan into effect how it works in practice is often not … Read More

Work Smarter

At Cobalt Towers we’ve integrated our mobile phones with our telephone system for several years now. Years ago we pioneered ways of allowing you to make cheap calls to mobiles by installing mobile SIM cards into our telephone systems. Today … Read More

Don’t Buy a Phone System!

Technology is great! Five years ago all we sold were Telephone systems that sit on the wall in the corner of your office and click occiasionally.  You would plug some Phone lines in one side and then plug some Telephones … Read More