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  • Case Study: Vetlink

    “We are really pleased to be working with Cobalt”

VetLink provide a video consultation service between animal owners and UK vets, which negates the need for anyone to leave their home. They connect animal owners to a qualified UK Veterinarian for a consultation, via a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

The animal owner requires only an internet connection to use the service and they cover domestic pets, livestock & equine.

The Challenge

Vetlink required the ability to route calls and video enquiries to their team of vets, who were working across multiple practises and from home. Their vets also needed an easy way to log in and out of the system to manage their workload. After working with other Telecom providers, Vetlink were struggling to identify a solution provider that could fulfil their needs.

When Covid locked our country down last March, we were acutely aware of the number of pets trapped at home and the number of practices closed. We wanted to build a system that capitalised on the technology available to us to link the pets in need of care with the professionals who could advise and deliver it. Having failed to build this the first time around, we worked with Cobalt to build a functional system that does everything that we need and enables the many veterinary professionals to connect and effectively communicate with the pet owners remotely in order to deliver the care and treatment required. High standards of care and compliance are really important to us and Cobalt worked on configuring and developing an internal system that means that every veterinary professional can reach out to every other on the system; second opinions or better suited professionals meant the best possible care and reduced the stress of the job for professionals. We are really pleased to be working with Cobalt on this innovating business which is helping vets and nurses improve the care that they deliver across the industry.

Jacob Bellas: Vetlink

The Solution

Always up for a challenge, we matched VetLinks’ requirements and provided a solution that gives animal owners a fast and easy service. Our system doesn’t require any software downloads and it can be accessed from any PC, tablet or smartphone device by simply visiting the VetLink website and clicking on the link. This then notifies all the on-call vets, and they can answer the enquiry and seamlessly convert the web chat into a video chat at the touch of a button.

A Little Extra

We included our ‘click to talk’ feature to enable the vets to transfer video calls between them, which has been particularly useful when specialist knowledge or a second opinion is required.

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