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    What would you do in the event of a total IT loss?

Tailored diaster recovery plans to keep your business running.

Our computer and telephone systems are the lifeblood of our business and we have worked with countless clients throughout Devon to put disaster recovery plans in place. We have supported clients that have had to put our plan into action, and we’ve even got someone in-house that had to implement a plan following the total loss of her business in Exeter. It’s safe to say we’ve got the experience!

A recovery plan comes into play the second you lose a vital business system. A simple power cut or hardware failure can have a dramatic effect on business. We can not only plan to overcome these situations with temporary solutions, but we have the expertise in-house to assist you to create a plan for your staff so they know exactly what is expected of them when it does happen.


We can implement your recovery plan

Your team will have a lot to navigate in the event of a total loss. Allow us to manage the challenge of reinstating your IT, communication and connectivity systems. We have great support from our suppliers and we will pull out all the stops to get you operational as quickly as possible.


  • Data recovery
  • Reinstating software
  • Reinstating your network
  • Internet connectivity
  • Replacement phone system
  • Replacement PC’s / desktop computers
  • Replacement servers
  • Replacement Laptop computers


In summary, we’ll keep your business running and not give your competition the opportunity to maximise your loss, no matter how long your business is affected.

From as little as £250 we can devise a tailor-made plan that works with the infrastructure of your business, that is clear enough for any member of your team to follow!

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