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    Compatible with every telephone system

Advertising and music on hold for every business

Our Advertising on hold is produced using real people. Not only do you choose what they say, but you also choose their gender, accent and style; it’s seriously cool!

It sounds like fun, but our player has all the key features of a serious music on hold system. It’s online, it’s fast and very easy to use. Better still, it’s compatible with any telephone system, and you can continually change your message to adapt to the demands of your business.

Talk about promotions, key wins, or new products and services. It’s a great way to get your message out quickly with no ongoing investment.

For a small upfront cost, you’ll get one fully customisable message comprising of 200 words and 300 tunes, with a choice of over 150 voice actors.


£125.00/one off payment
  • Night service / out of hours greeting.
£295.00/one off payment
  • New 2-minute audio on hold production with your own choice of Music and professional Voice-over artist.
£195.00/one off payment
  • Automated attendant / receptionist with options.