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The Cloud | Vehicle Tracking in Exeter

Vehicle Tracking in Exeter

Vehicle Tracking Services in Exeter

Using our GPS vehicle tracking system, you can track your fleet vehicles in real-time, anytime, using any PC, tablet or mobile device.


Real-time vehicle tracking on the Internet

There is no need for control stations, proprietary software or maps, as everything is accessed over the internet. Our system uses GPS satellites to locate your vehicles, and GPRS technology to ensure that their positions and vehicle log data are constantly updated. Vehicle logs and timesheets are also sent to you by e-mail each morning for maximum convenience.


Reduce overtime, increase capacity!

Savings on overtime payments can easily reach thousands of pounds a year - providing a return on investment from the outset. But the real boost to the bottom line comes from increased capacity: most of our customers can get more done each day by using the information that the Tracking system provides. This can help avoid costly weekend working or even enable you to expand the business without increasing fixed costs and manpower.


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Cloud Solutions

Powering international distribution

The Challenge: With Head Office and the production facility being the opposite end of the country from each other it was crucial that Telephone calls and data could be shared easily between the two offices.


Linking more than one business

The Challenge: When South Devon Rural moved in to large new Premises they needed to be able to continue to link their two office together. In addition they wanted to open a large new Business Centre with the ability to charge tenants rent and also allow access to the internet.


Taking Teleformance to the cloud!

The challenge: Teleformance had been experiencing problems with their call quality and were looking for a new partner to take control of their communications network and solve this. Another item on their wish list was integration between their phones and their customer database, to improve response times and professionalism.