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Cloud Computing

"What is the cloud, where is the cloud and are we in the cloud now?"

These are all questions you've probably heard or even asked yourself.

The term "cloud computing" is everywhere and masked with confusion. We have offered "cloud" solutions from our exeter office for years. In the simplest terms it means that you use a company's computer power or software via your internet connection.


Imagine a world where you can take your business everywhere you go.

We’ve had email on our phones for years, but now we’ve got our documents on our phones too. Not just our documents, but all the documents on our entire network. We can even open them in their native software, make changes and update them on the go.

So let’s take you through the power of cloud computing and how it can benefit you.




The majority of us use the Microsoft office package across our business, and a lot of us use exchange accounts for our mail.

When a new office update came out we all groaned at the cost of replacement. Generally up to £400 per user if you needed the full caboodle.

Mail licenses were a lot cheaper, but multiplied, they soon stacked up to a heavy investment.

It’s all changed, and the change is great for business across the board!

Office 365 is a subscription based version of all the best business tools. It covers all of your office software, mail, document storage, skype for business and instant messaging. Not only across your internal network, but you automatically get licences to run the applications on your mobile devices too.

It can be varied by user needs, increased or decreased at will, and best yet, it’s invoiced monthly and it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than anything we’ve ever seen!

We’ve been working with this product since launch. We run it on our own network, and a lot of our customers now run it too. We really know how to get the most out of this product!

Want to know what it costs? Click here and we'll tell you.


Cloud Solutions

Taking Teleformance to the cloud!

The challenge: Teleformance had been experiencing problems with their call quality and were looking for a new partner to take control of their communications network and solve this. Another item on their wish list was integration between their phones and their customer database, to improve response times and professionalism.


Powering international distribution

The Challenge: With Head Office and the production facility being the opposite end of the country from each other it was crucial that Telephone calls and data could be shared easily between the two offices.


Linking more than one business

The Challenge: When South Devon Rural moved in to large new Premises they needed to be able to continue to link their two office together. In addition they wanted to open a large new Business Centre with the ability to charge tenants rent and also allow access to the internet.