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Business CCTV Solutions in Devon


We have been providing Business CCTV Solutions for more than ten years to our clients in Exeter, Devon and beyond.

More than just security, CCTV is a great way to monitor productivity when you are away from the business and it costs far less than you would think!

Our preferred partner, ACTi, are a UK leading supplier for delivering a complete CCTV solution via your Network. Having your CCTV solution integrated with your network allows you to monitor your cameras from wherever you are. Apps are available for the iPad or iPhone which even allows you to monitor your cameras while on the road.

There are no limits to the number of cameras that can be deployed, and because the recordings are stored on a PC, it can be backed up within your normal backup routine. 

The cameras provide an excellent auto-focus ability and can record in full HD so fuzzy images are a thing of the past.

The ability to zoom on the cameras has to be seen to be believed. All of our cameras have digital zoom, which in the past has provided questionable results. 


Have a look at the links below to see just how much these have come on in the last few years:



All of this is delivered from one simple fixed camera!

Cloud Solutions

Taking Teleformance to the cloud!

The challenge: Teleformance had been experiencing problems with their call quality and were looking for a new partner to take control of their communications network and solve this. Another item on their wish list was integration between their phones and their customer database, to improve response times and professionalism.


Linking more than one business

The Challenge: When South Devon Rural moved in to large new Premises they needed to be able to continue to link their two office together. In addition they wanted to open a large new Business Centre with the ability to charge tenants rent and also allow access to the internet.


Powering international distribution

The Challenge: With Head Office and the production facility being the opposite end of the country from each other it was crucial that Telephone calls and data could be shared easily between the two offices.