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The Cloud

The "Cloud " is everywhere!

Cloud Computing and Cloud Telephony is rapidly becoming the common way that we will all do business, and this technology will change the way that we all work. 

As outsourcing becomes the new trend for work, Cloud Computing and Telephony will make it quicker and easier to choose the right people for the job irrespective of Geography.

The need to invest in a physical Server or Telephone System will be redundant, and we will simply rent our Cloud based solution to be kept fully up to date with new innovations.

Computing Solutions

Look below for some great examples on how different businesses have already moved across some or nearly all of their systems into the cloud. This is not the future, it's the present with the future getting bigger and bigger!

Linking more than one business

The Challenge: When South Devon Rural moved in to large new Premises they needed to be able to continue to link their two office together. In addition they wanted to open a large new Business Centre with the ability to charge tenants rent and also allow access to the internet.


Taking Teleformance to the cloud!

The challenge: Teleformance had been experiencing problems with their call quality and were looking for a new partner to take control of their communications network and solve this. Another item on their wish list was integration between their phones and their customer database, to improve response times and professionalism.


Powering international distribution

The Challenge: With Head Office and the production facility being the opposite end of the country from each other it was crucial that Telephone calls and data could be shared easily between the two offices.