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Mitel Telephone Systems

Mitel is a leading global communications company providing solutions for small and medium sized businesses, as well as large mission-critical enterprise environments. Mitel is focused on meeting customers' communication technology needs while exceeding their expectations for value and performance.

Mitel MiVoice Office 250 is the perfect system for companies and organizations with up to 50 employees. The system is capable of supporting Analogue or Digital Lines, SIP Trunks (to route calls over the internet) it can even be connected to Skype. It is equally versatile when it comes to connecting your Phone. If your needs are simple then an Analogue phone may be suitable; while for Business users and Aastra IP Phone or a Digital phone may be more suitable. Users can also connect SIP phones to the systems thanks to its open architecture. This means that you may even be able to re use the phones off of your current IP based system.

The Telephone system is backed by a rich range of features to integrate with your computer network. From the simplest "Click to Dial" (which allows users to highlight a number on their PC to dial), to full integration with Exchange to allow the system to communicate with your diary and route calls dependant on whether you are in a meeting.





Samsung Telephone Systems

Samsung is now the third largest Global Business in the world and has an excellent reputation for providing cutting edge technology as reasonable prices. With a name that is recognised worldwide it provides a degree of confidence to the small to medium business owner. The Samsung Telephone offering is a modular system. This means that a business can buy a Telephone System today to provide connection for say 10 users but this can be expanded in the future to up to a maximum of 400 users without the need to replace handsets or throw away redundant circuit boards.

The biggest benefit to your business is the ability to provide Flexible working and Home working to staff. The Samsung range provides the easiest to deploy IP handsets that I have come across. While most other IP Telephones require configuring as well as often needing an IT company to configure a fixed link (VPN) between you and the office, the Samsung phones can simply be posted out to the end user who then simply plugs the handset in to a Broadband connection. Some companies even choose to simply give the member of office staff a desk phone but the office staff know that if they need to work from home they can simply unplug the phone on their desk, take it home and plug it in to the Internet there. Once connected the remote user can work as if they are in the office. They can see who is on the phone in the office, answer calls that come in to the office from the outside world, hold, receive and make calls.

Samsung can deliver all these benefits from the outset as part of a fully converged IP telephony system - an option that is especially attractive for businesses that are moving into new premises or completely upgrading their network infrastructure. Samsung are also the perfect choice for the vast majority of businesses that still have separate voice and data networks and envisage a more evolutionary transition to IP telephony and new ways of working. With support for traditional and IP telephony, the modular systems allow customers to add functionality and applications as their needs change or budgets allow, whilst preserving their investment in existing equipment.

Telephony Solutions

Online telephony for an online business

The Challenge: WNW had the same telephone number for almost 20 years, and a relocation to a larger office in Central Exeter would result in a change to this. It was vital to them that they retained their number, and got their new office up and running without any disruption to service.