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Telephony | Lines and Calls in exeter

Lines and Calls in exeter

Low Cost Business Call and Line Rental

Switching to us can save you money against BT Business line rental and call rates, and you are still able to keep your existing telephone numbers.

We manage the whole process of ordering, installation, service and ongoing billing. We can install quickly, and we’ll provide you with a named, single point of contact for an excellent customer service experience.

Billing is simple, as you will receive just one monthly bill for all your calls and line rental.


6 Great reasons to make the change:

  • Switch to us and save money
  • Enjoy a faster, better service
  • Keep your existing numbers
  • Lines and calls on one monthly bill
  • Hassle-free changeover
  • Local support and a local point of contact


How it works

Gone are the days when businesses could only get their telephone lines installed, managed and billed by just one or two companies. You can now pay for your lines and calls on a single bill from us. You save money and enjoy a faster, better service.

We’ll manage the entire process, from ordering and installing to service and billing. You can even keep your existing telephone number.


Who is it for?

This highly-responsive service is particularly beneficial to organisations that are expanding geographically and are adding new sites. 

It’s also useful for companies that are events-driven and need to act quickly, such as the emergency services. 

Organisations that need temporary lines for special events such as exhibitions, or alternative locations in case of emergencies can also benefit from our line rental services.


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Telephony Solutions

Online telephony for an online business

The Challenge: WNW had the same telephone number for almost 20 years, and a relocation to a larger office in Central Exeter would result in a change to this. It was vital to them that they retained their number, and got their new office up and running without any disruption to service.