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Telephony | Cloud Telephony in Exeter

Cloud Telephony in Exeter

Our Cloud, Hosted, VOIP Telephone Systems


What is hosted Telephony?

Often referred to as VOIP (Voice Over IP), Cloud or Hosted, these systems allow you to make calls over the internet. The need for a physical telephone system on-site is removed, and the cost savings are enormous on both hardware and calls


Is it right for me?

From one user to 1000, and prices as low as £10 per month, our system will give you all the professionalism and capability of a fully featured phone system without the upfront or ongoing expense.


So what are the benefits of a Hosted Telephone System?

  • They are quick to install
  • There are no line costs and greatly reduced call costs will ensure an immediate saving over your current system.
  • They operate across your existing internet connectivity, and if you don’t already have this we can help with that too!
  • They offer great disaster recovery - if you can't get to the office you can access the Telephone System anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection.
  • You will not have to replace the system in a few years to get the latest software; latest upgrades come as standard!
  • You can never outgrow it, or allow it to outgrow you. Users can be added or removed at will.
  • If you move premises you just take the phones with you. No expensive set up costs.
  • You get access to features that would only otherwise be available in expensive traditional systems.
  • Full Local Exeter support. We will be on hand in the event of a problem, or just when you need a little advice.


We can provide a low cost and professional Hosted System that is the perfect solution for small business right though to multi-site large corporations.

Both are telephone systems are well established in the marketplace, and we have been successfully taking business into the cloud for more than 7 years, for companies in Exeter, Devon, the UK and beyond!


Our Solutions Perfect for Prices from
Cobalt Cloud Hosted Telephone System    
Horizon Hosted Telephone System    



Telephony Solutions

Online telephony for an online business

The Challenge: WNW had the same telephone number for almost 20 years, and a relocation to a larger office in Central Exeter would result in a change to this. It was vital to them that they retained their number, and got their new office up and running without any disruption to service.