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Broadband & Connectivity

Business Broadband and Connectivity in Exeter


We specialise in providing home and Business Broadband, Bonded Broadband, Fibre, leased Lines and Satellite Broadband for those hard to connect areas. All our solutions are geared specifically for business, and we can tailor your solution to fit budget without compromising the support you need to keep your team online.


We have provided solutions to our clients in the Devon area and beyond for more than 15 years, and we are well versed in finding the right package to suit the needs of your business, despite any geographical limitation.


Our solutions include:


Solution Service Perfect for
Cobalt Connect Home and Business Broadband

Lowest cost solution

Cobalt Connect Plus Bonded Broadband Low cost solution with the benefit of far greater resiliency. Perfect for areas where fibre is not yet available
Cobalt Fibre Connect Superfast Fibre Broadband Cost effective high speed connectivity
Cobalt Direct Connect Leased line Uncontended and private connection with maximum uptime and full service level agreement
Cobalt Sky Connect Satellite Broadband Areas with poor connectivity, or for clients that need to get connected quickly



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Telephony Solutions

Online telephony for an online business

The Challenge: WNW had the same telephone number for almost 20 years, and a relocation to a larger office in Central Exeter would result in a change to this. It was vital to them that they retained their number, and got their new office up and running without any disruption to service.