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IT Support

IT and Computer Support in Exeter

Remote Computer and IT System Support

A key feature of our commitment to offering our clients the ultimate level of support is the ability to identify potential system problems before they develop or even become apparent to the user.

Our installed systems can be linked back to our Exeter office where a wide screen plasma monitor tracks the performance of every component of each business' uniquely tailored computer and networking package.

This Remote Support operates like a traffic light, with icons against each component of the system changing from green to red in the event of a potential problem or system overload.

In most cases the issue can then be rectified remotely from our own premises instead of engineers being dispatched to site.


Maintenance Contracts

We offer our customers Monthly Maintenance Contracts which not only provide excellent service and ensure that their computer and networking systems are running at optimum levels, but we offer them at extremely competitive prices. You do not have to be an existing customer to take out a contract either.

From just £90 per month you will receive full telephone technical support, Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm.

Standard issues such as printers not printing, computers dropping off the network etc, can usually be resolved in a matter of minutes remotely, but where a call-out is required the maintenance contract offers a 15% discount on our call-out fee and on-site hourly charge.

Unlike most technical support services, we will also guarantee a response time as part of the contract. On-site maintenance will be received within eight working hours of the time of the enquiry during normal working hours of 9.00 am to 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday, exclusive of public holidays.

However, the unseen benefit of the maintenance is what keeps your network running with minimum downtime. We monitor your server 24/7 using specialist software.

This software reports anything that is likely to cause a failure or impact speed, and allows our engineers to proactively manage and update the server and network, ensuring you are protected from all the latest security threats.

We can tailor the contract to your needs and demands. Support starts from a simple telephone service right up to all-inclusive maintenance. The set contract is the result of years of experience in keeping our many customers' systems running smoothly.