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We build firewalls and not just any walls!

How good is your Network Security?


"I am just a small business in Devon. No one would want to hack me or attack my data."

As an industry we spent years building fast connections to businesses and continuously improving the speed and technology. Your business is connected to the internet and this means that it is potentially open to attack. Unfortunately not everyone will go and find new customers when they can steal someone's database...

We have a security specialist who focuses on this aspect of your business.

We all spend large sums of money on alarm systems and CCTV, but we are happy to use inadequate/ineffective equipment to keep our systems safe.

We can safeguard your network without breaking the bank in the process, and it will be a small price to pay for securing your network and valuable data.

As a Zyxel Accredited partner, we have many products that can meet your needs and requirements in order to access your systems safely from any location.

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Computing Solutions

Simplifying 2 into 1!

The Challenge: Dean Forge operate from two sites, and historical expansion had lead to the sites working on different system for both their computing and telephony.


Taking the complexity out of business

The Challenge: With two growing businesses, Gary's network had increased in complexity. The businesses were on different telephone systems, and were using different mail providers across both PC's and Mac. He wanted to unify the solution and create a greater link between the two.