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Powering international distribution

The Challenge: With Head Office and the production facility being the opposite end of the country from each other it was crucial that Telephone calls and data could be shared easily between the two offices.

Multipanel UK manufacture and supply composite Aluminium panels to distribution for a range of different markets.  The panels are manufactured in their own plant in Dover while Head Office is based in Exeter.  The end product is shipped all over the world though their own network of Distributors.


The Solution:

We installed high speed fault tolerant Leased Lines in to both Offices and then linked the sites together allowing staff on each site to not only phone internal extensions on either site but for all emails and files to be accessible on either site. This meant that it did not matter which site a member of staff turned up to work on they will still have their own extension number, access to emails and all of their own documents.


A little Extra:

We also provided a fully inclusive support contract on both the phones and the computers. Which means that they have one point of contact for any issue.


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