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So if they say ISDN is dead what do we do now?

Posted on April 4th 2016 by

As you may or may not know BT have now announced that they plan to remove ISDN from the market by 2025.  This is a bold statement as the vast majorty of UK businesses rely on ISDN to make and recieve thier Telephone calls every day.  Although we would of course love customers to rush out and buy a new Hosted Telephone system the change does not have to be as fundamental as you might think.

Most Telephone systems (certainly most that were bought in the last five years) will have the ability to migrate to SIP.  "SIP Trunks" are lines that connect to your Telephone system via an Internet connection rather than the good old fashioned BT lines.  You still use them the same way and you will still pay line rental and call costs, (although they are less than you would pay for ISDN).  There is nothing stopping you phasing this in gradually, we have lots of customer who have ISDN lines for recieving calls from thier clients while they use SIP trunks to make thier calls on as the call costs are a lot lower.  At least this way when you need to move fully over to SIP its only a small step.

In any case when you are ready to make the change you will take your number with you on to your new lines and as long as you have a good Internet conenction and a Comms company who really understand what needs to be done to make it work properly then your call quality will be just as good as ISDN.  In fact; as all of the development is going in to improving SIP we are finding that HD audio is really working well.  (The quality on this has to be heard to be believed!)  Best of all we will get away from the old problems with BT when you try to move premesis as SIP allows you to take any telephone number anywhere in the UK with no limits so you will never have to change your number!

With lower costs, better quality and more flexibility SIP trunks are not something to be concerned about, in fact you will probably find your current system will already be compatable.  We have been using SIP trunks in Cobalt Towers for five years now and have no Telephone lines.  I challenge you next time you call us to see if you can hear the difference.  So if you are being confused by a supplier that tells you that you have to replace your system to get ready for the change give us a call for a chat.  


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