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Westcountry Digital industry salaries are some of the best in the UK

Posted on March 30th 2016 by

We see a lot of white papers cross our desk at Cobalt Towers. One did catch my eye yesterday:  The Government white paper "Tech Nation 2016" in partnership with Nesta talks about the Technical and Digital economy in the UK.  A very dry subject I hear you say but Exeter and the South West have a great write up and come out very well.

Did you know that the Digital Technical economy in the UK current provides 1.56 million jobs and is growing 3% faster than the rest of the economy while they turnover £161 billion which is an astounding 32% faster than the rest of the economy.  We all know that this industry is a big one but did you know that Bristol, Bath and Avon are more productive than London? Not even by a small margin! While London produces £205,390 of sales per technical employee Bristol and Bath produce an astonishing £296,340 sales per worker.

Beleive it or not Exeter is now rated as as 17th best city in the country for Digital Salaries.  Exeter and Newton Abbot boast 11,412 jobs within the Digital industry with employment up 161% in the last 5 years, (yes, thats right, through that recession thing we all heard about!)

Its all great looking at how successful this industry has been in the last five years but I personally think that the next five years will surpass all of this.  The second phase of building of Exeter Science Park, (Phase one included the rather odd looking Met Office development which we see as we drive down the motorway to Junction 29) is due to start at any time, This development is expected to create an extra 3,000 Digital jobs in the city and will provide opportunities to all businesses in the region.  Success breeds success and as new vibrant technical business move in to the area and of course are created from our own stock it will create the chance for all other businesses to be created and expand around them.  From our own point of view as a supplier of both Comms and IT we will of course be watching this growth and getting involved as much as possible.  We cant wait to meet our new neighbours.



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