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Ten things to think about when buying a new Telephone System

Posted on March 17th 2016 by

We dont all buy new Telephone systems every day.  In fact on average your new phone system should last you around six to seven years, (longer for Hosted Telephony).  If you are going to take the plunge and buy a new system and its not the sort of thing you look at every day then what should you look for?

Here is what I would consider the top ten things to make sure that your new supplier has in place to support you and your new purchase:

  1. Does your supplier have direct relationships with the manufacturer?  (A lot of Telephony providers buy their equipment via distributors.  This means that not only are you getting the best price when buying directly by cutting out the middle man but also when things go wrong your supplier should be able to ask the manufacturer to sort the problem out for you.)
  2. Does your supplier have their own team of engineers?  (If your supplier cannot install and maintain your new system then you may have to rely on introducing another third party in to the equation.)
  3. Can your supplier offer a range of products and services in house?  (If your supplier cannot make the most of the available technology or advise on different ways to provide the solution then you will be limited in what you can achieve.)
  4. How experienced is your supplier?  (The Telephony market like IT moves quickly and you need a supplier who has the experience to know what works and what doesn’t.)
  5. Does your supplier have a consumer credit licence?  (Can they offer a range of purchase and finance options including rental plans to spread the cost over a period of years.)
  6. Are they an accredited supplier?  (When some companies simply purchase their Telephone systems using a credit card over the Internet it is important to know that your supplier has been trained and certified by the Manufacturer.)
  7. Is your supplier able to source systems from a range of manufacturers?  (The same system is not able to overcome all customers’ issues.  A School will not have the same needs as a Hotel so your supplier needs to be able to fit the solution to the problem.)
  8. Can your supplier advise you on the best way to work from Home.  (Moving Telephone Calls reliably over the internet is often an issue.  This can be achieved cheaply and reliably if your supplier has a good knowledge of the IT industry.)
  9. Always ask for references.  (A reputable supplier will be able to provide you with references from recent customers to prove the quality of his work.)
  10. Does the company you are planning to work with have a friendly but knowledgeable approach.  (Unlike many products these days you should expect to use a Telephone system for 5-7 years.  This means that you will be entering into a long term relationship with your chosen supplier and you need to know that you will be able to work with them in the long term.) 

I hope this helps.  Pick up the phone and talk to us if you want to ask anything.  We dont charge for answering questions!


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