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Broadband Rant

Posted on January 26th 2016 by

I know that to some in my industry the fact that I used dial up and a modem to get access to the internet from 1994 on Pipex Dial whilst I was at Uni makes me a fossil! To this day I remember my password for my first Eclipse internet account - BKXDOKBP. 

You dialed up and tried to imitate the screaming sound with a whistle while the modems did their handshake. You jump on to Altavista and do a search, get what you need and turn it off. My first modem was 9600, then 14400 and rapid 28800bps, finally it was the 56kbs modems; wow, that was quick!

ADSL arrived and most were a minimum of 512kbs. You don’t have to be a geek to realise that this was ten times quicker!  We all started using more email and some people got their own domain like, but this was not as good as  

Over the next few years a few emails a week became a few a day, and then a few an hour.  We started attaching small files and them more files. Pictures, zip files and word documents.  Very quickly we wanted more speed and bigger capability.  Let’s have a moment of silence for the death of the fax...

Fast forward a few years and it’s scary. Big Data is the latest buzz word. We had Megabytes (a floppy was 1.44Mb the big flat disks were 512k).  Next up was Gigabytes, Terabytes, Petabytes, Exabytes, Zettabytes, Yottobytes and Geopbytes.  What a mouthful, but remember the apprentices didn’t know life before the internet. Our hunger and need for space and speed is only going to increase as will its simplicity.

So back to my rant. I have two broadband connections at home, yes two.  A waste of money; no.  One feeds the house and my boys use it for their iPad’s and Sky TV.  Sonos streams from Napster and it’s busy, really busy.  Luckily both lines are on Fibre and about 60Mb.  The second line is mine and all my Cobalt stuff sits on it. This means that I always get the speeds that I need, and ensures that I am online all the time. If one line fails I can use the other, and they are with different suppliers so I feel well protected. 

Why do business owners begrudge investing on their connectivity?  Please don’t make it an afterthought. It has to be given a budget and a generous one. Do you have a plan or redundancy if your line goes off?  BT only work to best endeavors on ADSL lines, and you can be sure that it will go in storms or floods when they are busy. Get a Satellite or use a Mobile 3G /4G dongle. A second ADSL line or see real value in a fast line with a proper service level agreement.

If you have had a quote over a year ago then call us as it will be significantly cheaper. We have access to 5 suppliers who are all fighting for the business. Just make sure you have a plan and that everyone knows what it is. If you don't have one, then we can help you and give you costings for any of the solutions. You don't have to know the technology, just know how important it is to your business!

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