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Cobalt Cloud

Posted on May 26th 2015 by

Really exciting times at Cobalt Towers with the addition to our product portfolio. 

We view all of our individual products as our toolbox, and nothing goes in that we haven’t broken and then rebuilt. We test everything to a real OCD level. Jim our Sales Director is known as being a bit clumsy, so we give him everything to test from a hardware prospective (if it makes it past him it'll make it to you!) 

We start this process by finding suppliers that buy into us and our ethics. We strive to achieve the highest accreditation with them so they know were dedicated to their product.

Our new solution is Cobalt Cloud, and it is a real gem in the emerging market of hosted and managed solutions. 

Some might just say it’s a phone, but in reality it's way more than that. You can find it under Cloud Telephony on the site and see why we think it's groundbreaking.

Our size and expertise enabled us to perfect it in 4 months. Typically, it takes businesses 18 months plus to get to this stage. Our agility means we can get you great products like Cobalt Cloud before your competitors have even heard of it.

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